We have been on a long journey learning how nutrition and environmental insults can affect our health in so many profound ways. This knowledge propelled us to compare our health and nutrition to our pet’s. Diet, lifestyle and exercise impact our animal family members in much the same as it does ours.

Instead of just treating the symptom with a pill, there are other paths, most importantly having a strong and healthy immune system. Dietery choices, supplements and supplies can make a huge difference in the quality of our lives.

Instead of living with chronic disease as see in so many people and pets today, we strive to offer products that do not add a cocktail of chemicals that we cannot even pronounce.

We want to share the knowledge we have gathered over the years to our to our neighbors and community. If we cannot answer you questions, we will try to find out or refer you to a vet. We can recommend products that we have first hand knowledge of. We want to be a lasting place in our community and develop long term relationships with all of our customers.

And whenever possible, we use suppliers locally and in the pacific northwest to minimize our carbon footprint.