I love Traci’s! For years, we’ve gone to Pet Co for our grooming needs, but we’re new to the area and weren’t thrilled with the results. So, I decided to shop around.

I called a few places, and everyone was booked up for weeks. I made my appointment somewhere (now, I can’t remember!), but when Traci’s called me with an earlier opening, I switched!

It was so thoughtful that Traci’s wrote my name down and kept me in mind, even though I didn’t originally book with them! They knew I was looking for something earlier and as soon as they had a cancellation, they called me. Talk about customer service.

Not to mention the groom WAS THE BEST MY DOG, BETSEY has ever had. I’m writing this review right before I book my next appointment. If that isn’t proof of how awesome Traci’s is, I don’t know what is!


Finally decided to go check this place out and I’m so glad I did. I walked away with some great samples for my cat to try out, because Felicia (the shop owner) didn’t want me to buy anything until my cat approved! Now my cat has a new quality favorite, and more on special order. Such a pleasant experience and great neighborhood feel here in Redmond.

Felicia is so super nice and reccomended great things for my girl, 11 year old Shih Tzu / Lhasa. She gave samples and also supports local, organic, handmade, and health!!

I was so happy when Traci’s Organic offered grooming as a service! I really like the fact that she’s a small local business and she really cares about her customers and their pets! I love the line of all natural food and grooming products. The groomers are excellent! We had our Tibetan Spaniel groomed there last week and she looked amazing. It was a good experience for both dog and humans.

I just got my Daisy girl groomed at Traci’s by Min. I loved it! I am so particular about Daisy’s experience with grooming…wanting to make sure she’s comfortable and that she is well taken care of. They really make it as enjoyable as possible. Daisy now is a regular!